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Up Up And Away 1st Birthday!

Oh, the first birthday! It's such a fun celebration for absolutely everyone. First of all, the theme is entirely up to you, because well your babe is only 1! You have a year or two of complacency before all the party decor has to have characters on it. Secondly, it's a wonderful chance for family and friends to toast YOU since you've made it through the craziest year (still up for debate, but that newborn phase is a doozy). This adorable "Up Up and Away" themed party is full of hot air balloons, sweet pink, white, and cream details, and a ton of delicious desserts that guests couldn't get enough of! We had such a blast adding decor to absolutely everything; even Lacy's adorable crown was handmade by Michaella!

Danielle brainstormed all the cuteness into being - the sweet photo-op hot air balloon, "cloud" favors, and birthday banners were all custom-designed. Michaella crafted some gorgeous desserts, with a light-as-air smash cake and delicious toasted cupcakes for guests.

Wouldn't you love to be at this sweet event? Look through the gallery below for some of our favorite details!

Dreaming of custom decor for your little one's first big bash? Let us know, and book us soon! Go to our contacts page for details.


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