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Two Sisters, One Goal: Bring the Party to Sacramento!

Welcome to Dani and Kayla Events! We're so excited to give an official name to the decorating, crafting, and planning we already love to do for friends and family. From intimate bridal showers, posh birthdays, and sweet anniversary bashes, to themed kids' parties and engagement fetes, we can create custom designs for it all.

Sacramento Party Planners

Not so very long ago, Danielle's daughter Daphney turned one, and it was the perfect excuse for her to team up with Michaella and design a party around the theme "One in a Melon!" The decor turned so many heads the sisters were forced to shrug all night when asked "When are you two going to be party planners?" every few minutes. Then the thought crept in, "Why not?" Both sisters have experience with creating custom decor; Danielle planned endless sorority events for Delta Gamma in college, Kayla sells custom-made large scale flowers for backdrops and nurseries, and they were both looking for a creative outlet close to home. Dani and Kayla Events was a natural step for these sisters, and they are so excited to bring their joy and enthusiasm for celebrations to the next level.

So challenge us with your kid's unique theme! (And if it happens to be Wild Krats, click here!) We'll make their day with handmade treats and party ideas that will keep everyone busy on their sugar high!

Looking to add some sparkle to an engagement party? We'd love to celebrate what makes your relationship shine - and showcase it for everyone!

Have a little one who is turning 1? We've been there! It's crazy trying to keep up with an almost toddler while planning a celebration for family and friends. Let us handle the details, and you can sit back and enjoy this milestone for yourself!

We'll be sharing all our party adventures right here on the blog, hoarding crafty DIYs on our Pinterest, posting day-to-day madness and sneak peeks of events on Instagram, and creating a fabulous party hub for our clients and friends on Facebook.

So follow, call, email, and get your party started!

xoxo - Dani + Kayla

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Allen Nixon
Allen Nixon
Sep 23, 2021

Great post, thank you

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