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Celebrating 2 with Dr. Seuss!

When the trouble is double, it might seem like a lot, because quiet and calm is something they're not. But after ups and downs when the day is through, we can't help but love Thing 1 and Thing 2!!

These adorable twins are some of our favorite tiny people, so we jumped at the chance to make their Dr. Suess party special! Don't you love these matching "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" shirts for their big day?

Happy Birthday Connor and Riley! Polka dots, red and blue, and lots of Dr. Seuss in the house!

Custom "2" cake toppers! These scrumptious cupcakes were whipped up by Kayla just for Connor and Riley's big day.

A great table spread comes with themed food puns! Classics like goldfish (for the kiddos!) and Popcorn turn into Dr. Suess-ish treats.

Extras included coloring pages for the littles - featuring Thing 1 and Thing 2! Mom and Dad even got some custom swag with "Things' Dad" and "Things' Mom" on them.

Happy Birthday Twins! We loved being a part of your big 2!

Thinking of throwing your own themed kid's party? We love to help! Check out our contacts page to get in touch.


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