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Wild Kratts Boy's 5th Birthday Party

We had a blast making Addith's Wild Kratts Birthday party totally rock! This awesome PBS Kids show is all about zoology, biology, and ecology, as well as teaching kids how to make a big impact in their world - we are so on board with this positive party theme.

Here's what we added! Kayla baked up a storm with this dessert bar - complete with cupcakes, cookies, and a Kratts birthday cake! Danielle crafted a birthday banner, cake topper, and signage. Kayla also made those awesome "power necklaces" made to look like the power suits on the Wild Kratts (wouldn't you want to have super cheetah speed?)

Addith loved his party, and we had so much fun with his theme. Happy 5th Birthday Addith!

Want a Wild Kratts Party of your own? Or looking to boost your backyard birthday with custom decor? Contact us now!


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